From the rough to the stars::


There are many benefits to our approach.

One clear advantage is that it allows you to see what many others cannot:: social norms.


Have you ever faced forward in a crowded elevator like everyone else? Or quieted down when you heard someone clang a butter knife against a glass of water? Or shared vacation photos on social media?

Have you ever shaken hands at the beginning of a business meeting? Or applauded after a speaker delivers a keynote?

If yes, then you have complied with a social norm. And like tens of millions of other people, you never realized it.

Everyday, we’re unthinkingly complying with norms — powerful, informal unwritten codes that inform our expectations and govern our behavior in social settings as customers, as consumers, as coworkers, as voters — as human beings.

Norms program us. They tell us when to fit in, when to stand out, when to stand up, when to sit down.

Much of their power comes from the fact that they’re invisible.

Strategic Imagination™ enables many capabilities, chief among them: identifying those invisible norms related to your business goals and challenges; plucking out the ones that will be the most resistant to the change you want to make: in an organization, in a market — in the world.

Norms program us. They tell us when to fit in, when to stand out, when to stand up, when to sit down.

Once you find them, we can show you ways to leverage those norms. Or embrace them, disrupt them, or abandon them completely.

We can even help you turn them into diamonds snatched from the rough of the status quo.

You might not think norms are that important when it comes to decision making in your field. But the truth is, if you don’t get a handle on social norms before executing any strategy or making any decision, you’re sailing in uncharted waters…without a compass.

Let GreenHouse::Innovation show you the way to “Aha!” with one of our Strategic Imagination™ workshops or innovation sprints.

Because wherever there are people, there are norms...powerful, unseen forces that hold the status quo in place and resist change.

We can help you see those norms, making the invisible visible.

We can help you decide what to do about them to serve your needs and interests, and, in the process, allow you to see the world in an entirely new way.

Now you know.™