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GreenHouse :: Dashes

Smarter Questions. Faster Answers.

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In a crunch for time?

Here’s how we can help.

Powered by Innovation Dynamics™, our dashes are designed to help you uncover new ways to solve a problem or seize a new opportunity — rapidly, systematically, efficiently.

We’ll work with you to define the end in view — what getting it right looks like— and articulate the central question or questions that you need to ask in order to better understand the problems that must be solved, the goals to be achieved.

And get a handle on the norms—those invisible, unwritten rules that are keeping the status quo the status quo.

All that…in three hours.

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GreenHouse :: Workshops

Discover. Uncover. Design.

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You have the vision.

You know the goal.

You need a plan to get you to the finish line.


Our one-day workshops do just that.

Using our process Innovation Dynamics™, powered by Strategic Imagination, we work with you to re-contextualize existing insights and analytics in order to develop a radical new campaign; a roadmap; or a blueprint for a new model of change.

It’s your “playbook,” in other words, to get you to where you want to go: the finish line.

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:: Find the right framing and context of the challenge or opportunity; and identify norms that can thwart even the best-laid plans… and how best to break them.

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:: Unlock hidden value of your existing data, and bring to life original ideas and insights that can be leveraged to inform new thinking, new narratives...and new strategies to achieve your goal.

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:: Prepare to prototype and test concepts for strategy development and execution, increasing the odds for success, and better, stronger outcomes.


With an Innovation Dynamics™ workshop, you’ll::


::  Identify key actors in the change you’re seeking to make and who influences them

::  Reveal essential, hidden actors who can accelerate or slow impact

::  Understand actors’ motivations and needs

::  Make sense of the existing narratives that will impact change

::  Sort through the various formal and informal rules that will impact change

::  Investigate expectations about the future that will impact change

:: Make sense of related challenges that will influence change

::  Identify social norms at the center of the change you’re seeking to make

::  Verify that you’re seeking to make the right change

::  Coalesce around a shared vocabulary and experience of change


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GreenHouse :: Partnerships

Working together to create change.

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You want to invest in success.

We do, too.


Our greatest successes have come from the strategic partnerships we have developed and maintained with organizations in the public, private, social and academic sector.

GreenHouse partnerships, driven by Innovation Dynamics™, are built upon universal principles and values, a common vision and shared goals. And, not the least, on a unifying belief that now is the time to transcend conventional modes of thinking to drive innovation in the public and private sectors.

To that end, we partner with businesses and organizations on research and innovation projects that are designed to identify social conflicts related to specific challenges involving a plurality of actors — people, in other words — and to develop new strategies and models to resolve those conflicts, and effect meaningful, measurable change.


Is there something you’d like to tackle? Contact us about a partnership::