“GreenHouse led us to imagine how we might positively disrupt the current system and see possibilities in the underdeveloped space of community cancer care.” 

— Lead Ovarian Cancer Counselor, Steps Through Ovarian Cancer 

“If you’re serious about changing things, GreenHouse will change them. They put smarts, focus and creativity in the service of your clarity and insight.” 

Founding Tustee, The Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education, Vancouver, British Columbia


“The GreenHouse process has a greater impact than anything else I have seen. It’s not another ‘process,’ not another discussion group — it delivers positive action and effective change in some of the most challenging environments.”

— Executive Director, Aegis Trust and Regional Director, Kigali Genocide Memorial, Kigali, Rwanda


“GreenHouse tees up research questions designed to take you to new dimensions, and generate intellectual collisions with the power to change our understanding of the world.”

— Senior Advisor to U.S. Secretary of State for Civil Society and Emerging Democracies


“We turn to GreenHouse when we need new, original, and creative thinking that challenges the mind and the status quo. There is no other organization I know of that is as innovative and gifted to solve problems.”

— Founder, The Junto Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership



“We become so accustomed to the norms shaping our behavior that we limit our sense of what’s possible. GreenHouse’s unique methodology reveals these self-imposed limits, which is the beginning of true innovation.”

— Chief Innovation Officer, Exelon

“Our first workshop with GreenHouse provided [a new] language and helped our members put it to use. Participant reviews were glowing.”

— Executive Director, Chicago Literacy Alliance


“Imagine being faced with a serious challenge or problem, then having it blown into a million pieces, then reconstructed and returned to you as an asset. That’s what GreenHouse can do.”

— President, Creative Coalition

GreenHouse’s insight and approach isn’t magic. It’s better than magic.”

— Founder and CEO of 10.10.10 


“A GreenHouse research and innovation partnership is extraordinary in form, process and outcome…the result is nothing short of transformational.”

President, Susan Poorman Blackie Ovarian Cancer Foundation

“GreenHouse’s expertise is that of the most unusual sort and lies in their ability to engage people at the highest possible level in analysis of their concerns and their dreams for the improvement in the human condition.”

— Dean, USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work 


“[Partnering] with GreenHouse is an exhilarating, 360-degree whirlwind experience. Their work in educational, business, not-for-profit, and corporate communities around the world is driven by an utterly original approach to problem solving.”

— Director of Artist Communities and Presenting, National Endowment for the Arts