:: Howell J. Malham Jr.

For more than a decade, Howell has been helping people in different kinds of businesses and organizations around the world see the true nature and dimension of the challenges that face all of us in social settings. As the creator and chief architect of Strategic Imagination ™, Howell is able to work with teams to loosen the grip of the status quo — rapidly, systematically. In the process, he uncovers possibilities for change and progress that others cannot — or will not — imagine. Read Howell’s full bio here.


:: James C. Murray

Driven by curiosity and a passion for invention, James has spent his professional career designing and developing revolutionary products and services that meet real needs for real people. His greatest virtue is his uncommon ability to listen as earnestly and passionately as others speak, not to mention his fearless and unflagging imagination. Read James’ full bio here.


:: Debbie Huml

A weaver of transformational experiences, Debbie works to discover insights that lead to new and deeper understanding about human interactions in social settings. Using the sum of her gifts, she defines and models new behaviors that can drive meaningful, measurable change in the most challenging professional environments. Read Debbie’s full bio here.


:: Walker Post

Award-winning journalist turned savvy problem-solver, Walker is at his best when he’s breaking down narratives to address complex business and social problems. Through a hybrid of thought leadership development, marketing strategies and Strategic Imagination™, he propels organizations forward. Read Walker’s full bio here.