Years of “AhA!” Moments Thanks to Strategic IMAGINATION™

In 2010, we began research on what would become the GreenHouse Theory of Social Innovation. Since then, GreenHouse has further developed its theory and refined its approach to strategic modeling and execution design; and gone on to partner with the most prominent organizations and businesses in the world to tackle some of the most daunting problems.




Businesses and orgs served

GreenHouse continues to partner with businesses and organizations in the public, private, social and academic sectors, helping teams properly contextualize insights and ideas related to a challenge or opportunity; uncover the norms that are the most resistant to the change they seek; and help them design actionable plans to achieve their respective goals. The results are nothing short of transformational::

:: A new national pilot program to address the underserved psycho-social needs of ovarian cancer patients

:: A new plan of attack for achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

:: A new model for teaching empathy in public schools

:: A revolutionary blueprint for a museum experience that converts empathy into action.

And many more…

Click here for a short list of businesses and organizations that have benefited from Strategic Imagination.™




BLUEPRINTS And Models for Change

Our research and innovation initiatives have generated a surfeit of original insights — insights and ideas that informed new blueprints and models to solve a variety of complex problems related to Health Care, Education, Human Resources, Civil Societies, Literacy, Peace Building and Peace Education, Arts and Culture, Diversity and Inclusion, Organizational Transformation and more. With Impacton as our digital partner, GreenHouse can replicate proven models, and make them available to anyone, anywhere in the world.


“GreenHouse led us to imagine how we might positively disrupt the current system and see possibilities in the underdeveloped space of community cancer care.” 

— Lead Ovarian Cancer Counselor, Steps Through Ovarian Cancer 

“If you’re serious about changing things, GreenHouse will change them. They put smarts, focus and creativity in the service of your clarity and insight.” 

Founding Tustee, The Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education, Vancouver, British Columbia





“AHA! “


Schedule a workshop::

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With a GreenHouse::Innovation workshop, you and your team will learn our uniquely human approach to problem modeling and solution design, which has helped thousands of people at organizations, businesses and universities around the world move from thinking and seeing in new ways to meaningful, measurable action. “It’s not magic,” as one of our clients says, “it’s better than magic.”

Become a partner::

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Explore a variety of opportunities to partner with GreenHouse on an original research and innovation project to develop and design a new model for change — or straight up disruption — in your sector. Or allow us to design an innovation mediation session, to help you have hard conversations with members of your organization or community about complex social issues to uncover new ways to engage with challenges, and with one another.

Book an innovation sprint::

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Before you tackle your next challenge, give us half a day to help you find the right framing and define the central question to improve outcomes across the board…and your odds of success.