Orgs. Companies. Brands.

They all have stories.

We want to make sure you’re telling the right one.


I. We. It. ™

A Narrative Design Workshop.

With a one-day, fully immersive I. We. It.™ workshop, GreenHouse can help you design the right narrative for your company, your brand, your org— one that is aligned perfectly with culture and values; and that connects with key audiences and drives revenue.

Our one-day workshop will provide you with:

  • New perspectives that reveal the hidden value of your company or brand;

  • The language and logic to leverage the hidden value through new compelling narratives;

  • Clarity on how to align narratives with internal and external audiences to help achieve business goals.

The Modules::

STORYLINE 1:: “I” Narrative

The story we tell ourselves and the story we share with the world

This session is about self-discovery, and learning how to become clearer on who individuals want to be — as individuals; and how to articulate personally and professionally aligned narratives.

STORYLINE 2:: “We” NarrativeThe story our team or company tells itself

This is a fun, engaging group practicum that allows teams to develop a collective narrative that gives individual members a sense of authorship; that serves to inspire and drive teams in the direction they want to head, armed with a unifying story about who they are, what they believe, and, ultimately, why they do what they do:: as a team.

STORYLINE 3:: The “It” Narrative – Stories we tell about our organizations

This session is about creating an inspiring and compelling narrative that businesses and organizations tell the world:: what “It” is, what “It” does, why “It” matters.

Experience Framework

Improv Icebreaker - Run by an improv expert whose 18 years of experience in the field includes work with the world-renowned Second City Works, this session sets the tone for a day of fun and deep exploration. Exercises are tailored to help participants begin to break out of their limited selves into a world of possibilities, embodying new realities and laying the groundwork for deeper self-discovery.

Working as both a primer and an icebreaker, the Improv session lays the groundwork for the “I” Narrative session. Further, this gets the group fully prepared for honest storytelling as they move into the next session on “I” Narrative construction.

“I” Narrative Construction - The first storyline session is facilitated by an experienced raconteur who leads a discussion on the art of narrative creation — and its hidden value.  Participants are expected to craft a short personal narrative about who they are as human beings to share with the group in an open mic setting.

The WOW (i.e. walk out with) factor is a newfound ability to design a personal narrative that is aligned with the one who is telling it as well as a sense of self-authorship...and the confidence to start owning one’s story. Team bonding is a natural upshot of these exercises as individuals are allowed to engage with colleagues in new, more meaningful ways.

“We”  Narrative Construction-  Working together, participants share the stories they’ve been telling themselves—and others — about who and what they do together, coworkers and colleagues.Then they’re tasked with evaluating them: Are they compelling? Is it who “they” really are? Are the stories setting the right expectations and influencing the desired behavior?

The WOW of this storyline exercise is a unified understanding of the “We”:: This is who “We” are and this is how  and why “We” do it.It also provides a sense of co-authorship, which is the first critical step to cultural “buy in” of that very story— a story about the team by the team and for the team and its audiences.

“IT”  Narrative Construction -  The final storyline is dedicated to outward facing stories about an organization or company.

Participants explore:: How is the company sharing “Its” story with the world? Is that the story the company wants to be sharing? Does “It” resonate with stakeholders in the company and the marketplace?  

This involves group exercises that allow participants to explore and craft new company narratives...and see themselves as an important and integral part of said narratives, and the culture it represents. The “It” session is also designed to develop a sense of continuity with the other storylines that have been created throughout the experience.


Session Facilitators

Howell J. Malham Jr.

Howell is an innovation strategist who helps organizations disrupt rigid, constrictive social norms in order to design positive change.

He co-founded Insight Labs in 2010, the world’s first philanthropic think tank, to design and develop radical new frameworks for change in partnership with organizations in the public, private, social academic sectors. He was a founding director of UX for Good.  He founded GreenHouse in 2014.


Howell was the first innovator in residence at USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work. He developed the GreenHouse Theory of Social Innovation, and is co-author of the first practicing PhD in social innovation, leadership and advanced management. Howell is the chief architect of Strategic Imagination™; and the creator of Innovation Dynamics, ™ a unique collection of lenses used to identify norms that hold problems — and conventional thinking — in place.

A recovering brand strategist, he has worked with Walgreens, Allstate, Universal Studios, 20th Century Fox, LEGO, Quaker Oats, and HarperCollins. He has also written for The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune and Fast Company.

He is the author of I Have A Strategy (No You Don’t): The Illustrated Guide To Strategy (Wiley), and is currently working on his second book.

Bina Martin

Experienced Facilitator, teacher and writer with a demonstrated history of working in the entertainment industry. Bina Martin has been a faculty member at The Second City Training Center since 2001.

She is the director of numerous sketch shows and improvised plays produced there including Chairs (which has also performed at venues around the world and in Chicago), Reel, Cathcart & Olson, Off-Book, Segue, Better Off Wed, sHimProv, Pants!, Drag Party Party, GayCo’s Ctrl Alt-Right Delete, The Parent Crap and The Parent Crap 2: Even Crappier (for which she was also co-writer).


As a performer, Bina has appeared Off-Broadway in Lifegame, played on various improv teams at iO and around the city and been featured in sketches on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” (the original on NBC). She is the co-author of the nationally syndicated column, Miss Manners, as well as Miss Manners’ Guide to a Surprisingly Dignified Wedding and Placid Pregnancy: A Miss Manners Guide.

Bina is a graduate of Harvard and The Actors’ Studio MFA Program at The New School.

Scott Whitehair

As a performer, Scott has brought his dynamic blend of vulnerability, humor, and insight to venues, festivals, and conferences all over the world, and has been seen/heard on NPR, PBS, WGN Radio, FOX-TV, Sirius XM, and The Risk Podcast. He is a two-time Moth Slam winner and runner up at The 2012 Windy City All-City Story Slam Championship. In 2017, he made his debut with Exchange Place at The National Storytelling Festival. His work ranges from the heartbreaking to the hilarious, and he has personal stories for both an afternoon with a child in your lap and a late night with a cocktail in your hand.   


As an instructor, Scott has led hundreds of workshops and class sessions for diverse groups of all ages, from theater camps to corporate seminars. His independent monthly class has been selling out since 2012, and he has facilitated training for a wide variety of corporations, non-profits, and community organizations nationwide. Scott's private coaching clients have included a Fortune 500 CEO and a candidate for U.S. Surgeon General. He has also been a frequent guest instructor at Chicago's top universities and business schools.  In 2014, he was the featured instructor at Hong Kong Story Worthy Week, headlined by David Sedaris. No matter the environment, Scott's goal is always the same: to help people discover and develop their own unique voices as storytellers.

As a producer, Whitehair has made it his mission to spread his love of storytelling and create as many opportunities as possible for his neighbors to hear and share stories. He is the producer of This Much Is True, one of the city's longest running personal narrative series, creator of Story Lab Chicago, which was recently mentioned in Forbes and Newsweek, and director of Do Not Submit, a citywide network of community building open mics. He is frequently asked to bring his production talents to private performances, organizational showcases, and corporate events of all types. Scott recently served on the board of directors for the National Storytelling Network.

For more information about an I.We.It experience for your business or org, email James Murray:: .